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This software – present in the great majority of the plans of hosting- it allows to create webpages of simple way, with a great variety of functionalities.

You are thinking about creating a webpage and you don't know how to do it? Surely you have listened to speak free of RVSiteBuilder, that is a constructor of sites, and who comes built-in many plans from lodging Web, by means of cPanel.

This tool offers the option to design a website with professional aspect, of simple way in thing of minutes, choosing groups that adapt to which it requires your project, is this one enterprise personnel or.

And many reasons exist to take to end a website, using this tool. In order to publish it, for example, you will be able to count on a publishing HTML, in which you could be seeing what beams as you are working, that are known as What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

 RVSiteBuilderReasons to trust RVSIteBuilder

Responsive design: Through its last versions, this software has been developing the movable concept, improving its groups and optimizing them so that they adapt to movable devices.

Adjustable style: If you want to fit the style of the Web, you can do it of simple way. Among them, you can choose between different menus from navigation, offers options to fit header in size and style, colors of the bottom and diverse options more.

Pre visualization: You will be able to choose to a management system in block, that will allow to be fitting the design and to go, simultaneously, seeing one pre visualization to be looking at the results.

Limitless pages and subpages: The only limit that you will have will be the resources on which you count in hosting.

You will not lose data: In case the data base collapses, you will not lose this information, since accounts with backup copies, so that you recover everything.

Backup copies: You will be able to do backups and to keep your data in the computer from fast form. The endorsement system on which it counts, allows to in detail give to a more robust security and a control of errors.

To publish style and source of header: You can personalize different aspects from the headed one of the site, being worth to you of many alternatives for it.

Users: It is normal that some pages need more security than others, reason why RVSiteBuilder allows to form permissions of certain access to users.

Style of source and/or I connect: Others of the advantages that this software offers are that it can personalize the style of the source and the connections that you use in your website, or in the project generally or some page in specific.

Possibility of dialogue picture: When creating a new page, this one can be formed so that it appears in a new window or a way of picture of emergent dialogue.

Edition of Head Tag: Head, generally, is something very complicated to publish, since it is needed knowledge with respect to metatags, when it is wanted to personalize. Nevertheless, with RVSiteBuilder it is much more simple, since it is only required of a little knowledge of Google Adsense.

To publish images: Another one of the things that you can do with your page, is to be turning and changing the size of the images, dragging in mouse and specifying the measures that you want to place.

To connect social networks: It is possible to connect your Fan Page de Facebook without problems. Also you can directly transport images from this social network. And this not only with Facebook, but with any social network and to insert bellboys of Like and boxes for commentaries.

To create a webpage is not something complex as if it was it until does some time. It is thing to dare a little and this tool offers all the arms to realise something of good quality, without the necessity to have experts. Using RVSiteBuilder you will be able to accede to a world of possibilities in the design Web and without complications of by means.

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