How much it influences the speed of load in the positioning SEO of your website?

Hosting/Web Hosting/ How much it influences the speed of load in the positioning SEO of your website?

At the most fast it loads his website, major will be the probability that a user will have a positive experience the use of his website

Surely in more than an occasion, you have entered to one of those sites whose time of load on approval puts the patience of any user. But you have stayed in him? , how many did seconds happen before you decided to leave it? , to him one second is opportunity or was the abandonment definitive? Perhaps second opportunities exist, but slowness not is due to a fortuitous fact, but to a permanent characteristic, it will make worse the ranking in Google and will diminish the conversions.

In fact, in April of 2010 Google announced that it was going to consider the speed of the website as a classification signal search, emphasizing that the rapidity in the time of load not only is important for the proprietors of the site, but also for the visitors of this one, when improving the experience of the user and reducing the operation costs. Therefore, if your site has load problems with time, it can influence negatively in its positioning.

And here, once again, the election of hosting is a task of extreme importance, because although you take all the measures necessary to improve the speed of load, if the lodging Web that you contracted not adjusts to the requirements of your site, hardly you are going to achieve your objective. For that reason it is important that you consider the aspects technical of the service, that is to say, the capacity of storage, the capacity of the ram memory, the disc type that it uses and how much traffic of data has.

So to investigate before choosing, he is key. It reviews which are the companies better evaluated, knows its plans and what offers each, assure you that really 24/7 will be available for you, ten in account the characteristics of your site and you do not forget to find out if the service is adaptable to the growth of this one. But coverall, never you decide on a plan basing to you only on the lowest price; if you insist on it, the slowness of your site could be the minor of your problems.

What others factors help to increase the speed?

Although the election of hosting adapted is an element of extreme importance, there are others also allow to make specific this objective. We see some examples:

▪To optimize images:

To use the smaller possible weight in the images will allow to diminish the time of load, and it not necessarily has to do with reducing the visual quality of that graphical resource; on the contrary, we can have a good image, independent of his dimensions and of how many kilobytes or megabytes have. It is more, in line exist several tools that allow to compress photos without losing quality. One of them is

▪Minificar HTML, CSS and Javascript:

It will allow you to eliminate unnecessary bytes or sections and characters, as the additional spaces, jumps of line and drains, thus to obtain a smaller file, to accelerate the unloading, the analysis and the runtime. In the site Google Developer you will find more information to minificar these codes.

▪To eliminate unnecessary announcements, plugins or widgets:

It can seem a complex task, because some have important functions for our site. But it is necessary to identify to all those that does not generate benefits, that are little functional and too showy, and to eliminate them. For example, if your blog or site has to do with marketing and social average, surely to your target it will not interest to see in the corner superior to him a thermometer with the environmental temperature.

 ▪To activate the memory I broke:


That way some archives copies of used by the processor, to which the system will need to accede, of the possible fastest way are stored to data or, to return to use them. That is to say, when a visitor enters the page for the first time, the cache allows that the navigator remembers what showed, like when the user returns to enter, will not have to unload it again. It will do possible to optimize the time of load and the use of resources in the server.

As we see, the speed of a webpage depends on different optimizations that must be taken care of to avoid problems in the positioning Web. Otherwise, hardly you will appear on the front page of Google.

Why does the time of load influence in the SEO?

Also several factors exist to include in this item, but we can emphasize two very important ones:

How was hackeado my website and how I protect it?