The domains at the moment are in that is the official supplier, the 22 of March of 2016 NIC Chile got to have 500,000 enrolled domains something that without a doubt demonstrates the confidence of the companies in creating its identity in Internet through .cl

Linux operating systemNormally all the users require to register domains for their company or project which is not easy task since a short name is due to define and that it is recognized by all. Then to choose a good domain since I do it? , the truth is that simply it tries search a generic word and that I managed to represent your business and the search that a user would realise to find it in google for example.

Soon to manage to use it you must accede to your supplier on watch of domain and give to him to the DNS or servers of name of domain, information that will give your service to you of hosting so that you can enter it your supplier of domain and this form to connect them to obtain that your website and your post office can begin to work correctly. It is by previous that the domain is the essential element of the all business, project or blog that it requires to be in Internet.

Purchase and sale of domains Web: A profitable business?

The domains Web can be a source for a profitable business, but some factors are taken into account. Which? Find out them now. When saying it, it does not sound a good business. Be obtained can money by the purchase and sale of domains Web? This depends on many factors, but in principle we will say that yes it is possible. For […]

Certificate vulnerabilities SSL

Google would be shortage recently that an intermediate certificate authority issued nonauthorized certificates SSL to several of her domains. In an attack of this type, a certificate authority can try to be the true authority certificate sender, mainly if the first company is made happen through an official certifier, who is […]

To begin To design Base de Datos

The design of a data base is not something complicated once you determine in what it is going to consist. The data base contains the necessary information so that the application works and its design includes the identification of the data that you need and the organization of these in the form in which […]

Data To program your Migration of Hosting

When you receive the greater amount of visits in your website? The majority of the people does not know the answer this question or thinks that they know it, but are in fact only guessing. The statistics of your website show to the days and hours of greater use, reason why the best thing is to consult […]

Why It serves the DNS?

If sometimes you have contracted a service of hosting, then you must know that soon to do you must it form the DNS or Domain name server (Server of domain name), but what is this and why it serves. We hope that in the following paragraphs you can clarify these doubts. When tipeas a direction Web in a navigator, […]

The Importance of a Good Domain

To know the concepts the Web hosting is fundamental to understand its operation and to know clearly what we needed when we are going to contract a service of this type. Next you will know all the details on the domains. A domain is the name that tipeas in your navigator to see a particular website, for example, when you want […]

Advice advanced for the election of a good domain

Shorter he is better The more short is the name of your domain, the more easy is so that your visitors remember it and they share it. He tries to use 6-10 consecutive characters. He avoids scripts Can be difficult to integrate the script in the memory of somebody. He considers the possibility of other extensions Considers other extensions (as. Net. Org. […]