Slight knowledge of Cloud Computing and Web Hosting

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Cloud Computing and the Web Hosting can seem similar, because these two types of services can have similar configurations and to a great extent they can give the same results. Nevertheless, there are some differences of great importance in Cloud Computing and the Web Hosting that they have to do with the technical definition of each.

The Web Hosting is simply the process to offer a remote location and maintenance for archives and space in a server used to support to projects Web. The conventional types of Web hosting include services where usuary they can store and construct to small websites with a Web supplier hosting.

Cloud Computing can also support to remote Web hosting. The definition of the Cloud Computing services implies the connection of the clients to the salesmen through wireless networks IP. In Cloud Computing, the client sends data to the supplier through a network of abstract trajectory called “the cloud? (Cloud), soon the data are stored and maintained in remote servers of property of the salesmen and operated by they themselves.

Generally, the services of Cloud Computing that include Web Hosting, can be an alternative for other traditional services of Web hosting that are not based on the principles of the cloud services. One of the majors differences could be considered the “unique client? versus an approach “multiple lodging?. The services of Cloud Computing that usually include Web Hosting have an approach of “Multiple Hosting?, this means that the archives and resources of many clients are lodged in the same server, as it becomes in the Web shared Hosting. This provides flexibility and services on-demand for individual clients, which allows that the suppliers can increase or reduce the resources given easily.

On the contrary, the Web hosting dedicated will imply that a Web company supplier hosting gives a service to a unique client in a determined server, this will allow to count on a service more surely and focused in serving only a client.

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