Hosting or Housing: what is better for your company?

Hosting/Web Hosting/Hosting or Housing: what is better for your company?

Two services of lodging Web, with similar functions and characteristics, but aiming at different objectives. Which to choose? That decision implies a detailed process of analysis, but we showed to you here how to do it.

Against the varied supplies of lodging Web that exist in the market, this question is usual between the clients, at the time of choosing the most suitable option for its company or to emigrate to a new one. And to respond it is necessary it to consider a series of factors; for example, the costs, the characteristics of the service, the security of the stored data, the resources on which count the client, among others points.

It sounds to much work? Then we begin by part, first we put as if you on sale have a referring technological product SME, with physical presence, but also you wish that it is in line. Now, with that data, we analyze the previous points in detail.

  1. Characteristics of the service:

In the case of hosting, this one will allow you to virtually lodge the website of your store, in the server of datacenter, so that you can operate of way online. But in addition, the company supplier will be in charge to protect your data doing daily, weekly or monthly backup copies; it will give to technical support the 24 hours to you, it will exist a air conditioning system to protect the servers of extreme temperatures, and will be a constant monitoring of the equipment to prevent possible attacks; among others characteristic that will vary according to the plan which you contract and the company that you choose.

On the other hand, the service of housing also will offer security, technical attendance, uninterrupted power supply, and a system to you of air conditioning; but in this case you will need to have your own server, to store it in datacenter or center where your data will be processed. In synthesis, unlike hosting, housing gives a physical space to you of lodging. And this takes us to the following point.

  1. Resources and knowledge:

If you are already owner of a server, by all means you can store it in an own place and forget to you housing, but in that scene you must evaluate several situations and very criterioso being. First it is to understand what implies to decide on this alternative, beginning because all the resources as hardware, the technical support with specialized personnel, the connectivity to an Internet of high quality and the security systems, will have to be funded by you. And as you can imagine to you, that is translated in a too expensive option.

So, if you have an annotated budget that does not allow you to fund these resources, to contract a plan of housing it could more be the suitable alternative for your SME of technology. But since we have told you in other articles, worry to you to choose a company that guarantees a service to you of quality, therefore you will be avoided futures unnecessary problems and expenses of money.

  1. Costs of the service:

Hosting or housing

And speaking of budget, to know which are the prices of these services or to at least have an idea approximated of them, it will also help you to make a decision. Then, we begin by the plans of hosting. By the way, the numbers vary between the different companies, but in general terms, there are basic plans that will serve to store the contents of a blog; and also others with requirements higher, ideal for stores online or companies that have a high traffic of data.

As to the beginning we shelp that you had a SME, you could find annual plans from 50,000 or 60,000 pesos more IVA or others with majors resources that surpass 100,000 pesos the more IVA. Everything will depend on the needs that you have, for example, the amount of parked domains, the disc space, and the number of e-mails, among others characteristic.

But definitively you need a physical space lodging for your server, also you will be able to make an election between several plans of housing. There are annual options that border the 800,000 pesos more IVA, and are also others surpass the 1.000.000 of pesos more IVA, in equal period. Here the size of your server is the key, that is to say, if it has 1, 2 or 3 units; even there are companies that are open to talk with the client to reach some agreement, in case this one needs a greater service to that size.

And if those tariffs do not accommodate to you, as much for hosting as for housing, also there are monthly, semester and biennial plans. The subject is that although, in the first two alternatives, you disburse minor amount of money in one go, in the end it can leave to you more expensive than an annual plan. For that reason it is important that you evaluate your situation to determine what plan is most advisable.

And well, already you have an idea than it could be ideal for your SME? If not yet you know what to do, you are not discouraged, really are several options that can serve to you; you can make a virtual vitrineo by the different companies from lodging Web or visit them to solve all doubts.

But it considers that not necessarily an option better exists than another one; it is more, as much hosting as housing can be a good alternative of lodging Web for an undertaking. Now, what service to choose and which no; as or we saw, it will depend on the objectives that you have with your company, of the resources or tools on which you count and obvious on your budget. Therefore, the key is in putting all the letters on the table, to be able to analyze, to evaluate and to decide which is the best way for you and your business.

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