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Security of your service of hosting is very important, as much thus, that a great number of risky websites is pages as yours that have been contaminated by cibercriminales, everything facilitated by the lack of computer science security and the little protection on which is counted.

Good the news are that great part of the security of your website, it can assume your supplier of Web hosting, helping you to diminish the possibilities of undergoing a computer science attack, reason why it is fundamental that you consider that factor at the time of choosing one by on another one.

One of the ways more used by hosting to protect the security of the sites that lodge is the storage technology RAID, that gives the redundancy that is required never to undergo falls on watch and to count on permanent backup copies. You do not doubt in asking your supplier of hosting if it counts on this technology.

Hosting-1-SeguroAnother one of the things that you cannot stop asking, is if you can use the protocol of security SFTP, very similar to the traditional FTP, but with an extra layer of security at the time of loading your site.

You do not leave in addition to verifying the backup copy policies of your supplier of hosting, because each company of lodging Web has its own plan of endorsements. There are some endorse its information what daily allows to recover the websites lodged in case of any loss of information.

In order to finalize, it consults to your supplier of hosting on the technological tools with which it counts to avoid computer science attacks. Assure that they tell you on firewalls, monitorings and revisions of malwares, it finds out uptime that guarantee and you do not stop comparing between several services for you choose the one that more it accommodates to you.

Reviewing each of these points you will manage to diminish the options of being victim of a computer science attack. Although it is not possible to have a system with 100% of security guaranteed, following the advice who we finished giving to you you will be able to have a presence in the safe and much more reliable Web.

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