Linux operating system

It is a service that lend users and/or clients who need physical space (datacenter or dates to center) to install a dedicated server. Instead of at home maintaining a server or in an office, is chosen search a supplier that rents the space and person in charge is made guarantee a high level of physical security, appropriate facilities and in good state, electrical services, broadband, connectivity, among others elements that are involved in the good operation of the server.

This service characterizes by its flexibility, since the user elije its plan and can decide what aspects are important to place their server. Housing or also called colocation, allows:

  • To obtain advantage of the infrastructure of the datacenter while it maintains the control on the maintenance and the configuration of his server.
  • Yield, since you save time, money and physical space.
  • Physically safe structure to place the server.
  • Backup copies.
  • To count on expert and professional personnel, in case of some eventuality.

Suitable infrastructure

A supplier of housing must offer facilities adapted for the servers who lodge in their data to center. In addition, it must give the flexibility him to the user to choose the space that adapts its budget and equipment.

In order to lodge a server it is important to consider that the data to center this in the same location that the owners or users of the server, that is to say, if you are in Santiago, Chile you must look for a datacenter that is in the same region. On the other hand, the quality of the infrastructure is transcendental to choose a supplier of housing. I build or center of colocation, must count on a special, extremely safe room, with a system of acclimatization of quality, conditionned room, good optical fiber connections, UPS for electrical endorsement and a generator ELT in case of some fault. In addition to that, it is essential that the supplier has expert technicians in the matter available to solve any disadvantage that arises.

Why he is better to trust a service of housing?

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Tasks of preventive maintenance of your server

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