What are the Plugins de WordPress?

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One of the majors advantages that WordPress in front of other managers of contents presents and that make it ideal to create a website or a blog, is the possibility that gives to adapt it to the needs of our project.

Its flexibility can be seen, for example, in the design, thanks to the numerous options of groups or the possibility of creating an own design, but we spoke to incorporate options and to adapt a website, plugins is the simplest and versatile tool.

Plugin, is a software or application that includes functions that help to optimize your WordPress. Plugins can be applied for different needs, for example they exist plugins for the security of your website, to realise endorsements, to obtain statistics or to improve the design.

The best thing is than if plugin does not exist that serves to you so you have in mind, can be created, because to the being WordPress a platform of opened code, any developer can create plugin and add it to the official directory of WordPress, that it includes more than 31 thousand options.

Most of these software are developed in PHP, but also we found plugins developed in HTML, Java or CSS. Most important at the time of choosing plugins that we will install in our WordPress project, it is that they are of good quality and well-known origin. It does not matter how many you include while they are of well-known origin.

If it interests to you to add plugin to your webpage, you can do them from your panel of administration of WordPress or can load it by FTP.  Whatever form that you choose, plugin will bring with himself a .txt file with the instructions for its configuration, although rarely it is necessary to review it.

It remembers that the bibliopteca of WordPress is becoming rich every day, reason why is worth the pain to review once in a while and to know the new options that are at the disposal of the users, or gratuitous or are phelp.

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