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A dedicated server is an own physical machine or rented, generally, they are required by great companies. This equipment get ready to execute of exclusive form some intention that it requires of many resources, for example, to lodge information or applications, internal data bases, services of backup copy, service of networks or archives and/or to lodge one or several webpages.

The dedicated servers, are considered as the Web modality hosting more outpost and exclusive right than exists at the moment in the market. With a dedicated server the user and/or client connect themselves of remote way with the server through Internet to take to end anyone of task that needs.

Although a dedicated server is much more expensive who the service of shared lodging, he has very many advantages, mainly if a website receives a great amount of traffic or it is needed to store a great amount of information.

Service to size

With a dedicated bought or rented server, the agreed equipment to the needs of the client or users is created. The majority of the suppliers of this service, can design a server dedicated from zero, giving to the client and/or user the freedom to choose hardware, space of storage, memory, processor, software, among others. Therefore, to use a dedicated server can has major control on a website or the information lodged in the same.

Advantages of a dedicated server

Linux operating systemBetween the advantages to engage a dedicated server they are the following:

  1. More security.
  2. Ample space of storage.
  3. More bandwidth available for the data transfer.
  4. Privileges of administrator on its server.

Options to choose software.

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