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To create a website, much more implies that to choose hosting and to design with good taste, your webpage must keep a perfect mixture between marketing from content, branding of your brand, generation of conversions and draw attention of your hearing. This will only make of your website a tool to gain users directly or, money.

When you observe a website or done, they ten in account that are many things happening behind which you see and what it facilitates the union of so many factors is the CMS or Content Mangement System, next we presented some to you tips to choose correctly which of all the Systems of management of contents you would have to choose.

Part by most basic, before choosing the CMS you will have to decide what supplier will give the service to you of hosting, that is to say where you will lodge your website and to choose well you will have to put special attention in the stability that guarantees the company to you. By no reason it can happen that you make a perfect website, optimized and with the ideal content but your service of hosting it begins to fail.

The companies of hosting generally offer different services according to the needs that can have the client. From Web hosting or hosting shared of low cost, to servers dedicated for great projects and of higher cost. In order to know details each service you can review our post on the differences between both.

Ten in account that while faster it loaded your website will be more comfortable for your users and, therefore, will want to be more time in him. A site of slow load will cause that your users lose the patience and, therefore, go away quickly.

How I choose a System of Management of Contents

Most important about the election of a system of management of contents it is the ease of use. By that reason, many nascent ones decide to choose WordPress, this manager of contents is very friendly, since its community of users provides an important feedback to the developers. Their menus are clear and organized, his processes of creation of new webpages and new publication of posts well they are very similar what facilitates the learning.

It is important to think about the communities around each CSM, the communities of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Have diverse sizes, but all of them are satisfied of users who to face the same problems and have the same doubts that you can have.

Another thing that you will have to consider is the selection of Themes or design groups, the majority of the systems of management of contents has a selection of them, reason why you would have to decide according to the type of site who you want to create, that is to say first inspire to you and soon it investigates on diverse the Themes that each CMS offers until finding one that it approaches which you wish.

It installs your CMS from Softaculous

Many suppliers of hosting offer Softaculous a car installer who allows to unload many CMS and other applications for your Web.    Assure to you that the service of hosting that you contract has it.

To choose a good supplier of hosting and the correct CMS, is without a doubt, the first step for a existosa webpage. Now it is your task of making the rest of the work with the content.





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