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Shorter it is better

The more short it is the name of your domain, the more easy is so that your visitors remember it and they share it. It tries to use 6-10 consecutive characters.

It avoids scripts

It can be difficult to integrate the script in the memory of somebody.

It considers the possibility of other extensions

It considers other extensions (as. Net. Org. Info. U.S., etc). Nowadays there is an infinite variation of possibilities.

It avoids numerical Substitutions

The numerical substitutions really do not work. Gave him to that its site is “ and the confusion is guaranteed to you.

That he is able of Branding

In the first days of the Internet, nobody knew what Google, Yahoo! or Facebook were going to be. But now they do it, and those domains are highly brandables. Nothing with being creative with your name of domain in forecast of the future brand is lost.

It avoids Copyright Issues

This is felt common.

It uses a dictionary

You can look for alternative words if you want a domain that already is taken. This is an excellent way to make a will the creativity;

Relation with the Industry

Domains related to the industry are adapted for the sources or communities in line. If you cannot find a domain that agrees with its present commercial name, this is one second option.

Brilliant idea

Tomato time and thinks! If you have a partner of businesses, they can do brainstorming.


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