The Importance of a Good Domain

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To know the concepts the Web hosting is fundamental to understand its operation and to know clearly what we needed when we are going to contract a service of this type. Next you will know all the details on the domains.

A domain is the name that tipeas in your navigator to see a particular website, for example, when you want to enter our webpage you must write, that is a domain to which also we can call direction Web.

It is very common to be day to day with many domains, we see, posters, steering wheels on TV them, generally in the publicity and this is very normal, because the domain is what people must remember to arrive at your website and to review the information that you have there available. Anyway you must consider that the domain is different from the name of the site.

We suppose that you have a called pastry shop “Jenny Flores Pastelería? and want to create a website. When people visit your page you want that they associate it with your business, reason why sipones in your site a great logo next to the name of your business and that will be the identity name brand present in your site.

At the time of buying the domain for the website of your pastry shop, you must choose a short name and is easy to write, without incurring to errors. In the example that we have given, frankly the domain is very long so that people write it and many could be mistaken when writing Jeny (with a n) or jenni (with i). Perhaps you would have to try with a shorter domain as, if he was available. Then your site will continue being called Jenny Flores Pastelería, but your domain will be

All the suppliers of hosting have a tool in their website that allows to know you if the domain that you want to contract is available, reason why you will be able to know immediately if it can contract the domain that interests to you or no, is very possible that the tool gives options to you of domains if the one that you wanted already was occupied.

Obvious you can buy more of a domain, in fact you can buy all what you want and are available, the best thing of everything is than you can have several different domains that take you to the same site, then you can buy and and also cause that both domains direct you to the same site. All this without paying a weight more by hosting.

As you see, at the time of deciding to have a webpage, the domain is very important, because this it will help you in the positioning of your site, will facilitate that people remember to you and will be the first step to know what you want to offer in the Web, is or not a commercial site.

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