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When you receive the greater amount of visits in your website? The majority of the people does not know the answer this question or thinks that they know it, but are in fact only guessing. The statistics of your website show to the days and hours of greater use, reason why the best thing is to consult to these statistics to determine the best moment to program the migration in the day and the hour in which your site less is visited, so that you can diminish the possibilities of interruption to your users.

Also it can be good idea to warn to your clients some days before on the probable interruptions, so that they can be preparations and understand if they got to have some difficulty to review your site during the migration. The day of the transfer or the day before, adds a notification or a post informing to your clients who the site will be underneath as much in as much, since a change of server is realised.

Whereas clause the nature of the System of Name of Dominio (DNS) and the possibility of having visits from everybody to your site, can have interruptions to by 48 hours, although most probable it is than you see the changes in only some hours.

The best moment to program a migration, aside from being the moment at which your statistics indicate that there are less visits, is in afternoon or during the weekend, soon you must make sure that your designer and your supplier of hosting, old and the new one will be working at the moment in which beams the migration, only in case something left bad and you need help.

You must consider of which all these recommendations you must apply them if the migration you will do it in form manual, because when you have cPanel, it is very probable that your new supplier of hosting becomes position and in these cases, the migration will become from an endorsement, reason why the only interruption will be originated when to change the DNS in your supplier of domain.

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