Tasks of preventive maintenance of your server

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Control of maintenance
A verification list provides a group for the tasks that are going away to realise in determined intervals, and help to assure that everything becomes. Also it serves as a tool for the audit of the maintenance procedures, and must be part of a plan of recovery of disasters.

Daily tasks
Some tasks are due to realise every day to offer the maximum reliability and a minimum loss of data in extreme case. The backup copies of the modified archives must work on a daily base. The tools are due to execute against the registries to detect attempts of violation and infections of malware. These tasks guarantee the opportune detection of the events that put in danger the security of the server, as well as the prevention of attacks.

Weekly tasks
The complete backup copies are due to execute once per week to provide a point of restoration in case of a disaster. This help to diminish the necessary time of restoration in a recovery. The data bases of high activity must be reorganized to provide an optimal yield. A complete analysis in search of malware also is due to execute in a weekly base. Also a verification of space in disc and a disc defragmentation is due to execute to recover space and to improve the yield.

Monthly tasks
The monthly backup copies are of great importance, by this is necessary to realise the monthly backup copy before undertaking another type of maintenance, in case of a fault during the maintenance. Data bases of low activity would have to be reorganized to recover space and to improve the yield. Complete scanning of malware will help to detect problems and will improve the security of its server. If it is had time, at least twice to the year the monthly maintenance must include a restoration of test of backup copies to guarantee the recovery capacity.

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