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Server VPS is a type on watch who is dedicated, since the client counts on space in disc, ram memory and CPU that are assigned specifically so that the user can use his resources totally.

Linux operating systemThis type of lodging Web is apt for sites or systems that they require more resources of those than can provide a server of hosting shared that is the server who normally acquires a website that he initiates in the world of the Internet.  One of the advantages of is that they are very flexible and the resources are totally adaptable, in addition the scalability is easy to realise since it is possible to solicit to the service of hosting to realise changes in the resources without majors problems.

In addition another one to the differences that enter hosting shared and a service of vps has to do with the IP, in the case of the server of hosting shared an IP is shared by many clients, cannot be realised many modifications nor thus be asked for exceptions of RBL for shipments of post office since these changes affect all the clients. On the other hand in a server VPS when having its own dedicated IP is possible to realise changes and to leak of customized way RBL or IP's, being is only one of the advantages since in server VPS in addition to all these improvements the client will be able to tell on accesses cPanel/WHM to administer his server completely.

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