Spam: What is and Which are their Risks

Hosting/Dedicated Servers/Spam: What is and Which are their Risks

We call Spam to any received e-mail without we have allowed his shipment, by the same, also we called it wished or not asked for mail. Technically Spam to those e-mails will be considered in which the message is applicable to many receivers, reason why does not matter its identity.

But in addition, we can differentiate between a massive mail and a Spam, in the second will be impossible to finalize the subscription, that is to say mails will not give the option to stop receiving those, in addition, generally they do not present a physical address nor legal of the emitter and its shipment is through a false direction with false and deceiving titles.

The companies of e-mail, instantaneous mail and social networks continuously work in technologies anti Spam more and more outposts, these technologies serve to identify if a mail is Spam or no, for it, the mail or entrance message is examined and labelling as legitimate mail or Spam, in the last case the message will be eliminated or directed to a special folder.

To be usuary people in charge we must to learn how to avoid to send Spam, mainly if we have a project or company that we want to present, for that, most important it is to have a good method of harvesting of registries or data bases of clients.

Our listings of clients must be created by we ourself, we do not have to buy them nor to rent them, must be updated and who are part of him, they must have knowledge of the material that will receive.
One is due to consider that whenever a client or probable client reports a mail as Spam, the reputation of the emitter is damaged. If the shipment persists the Internet service providers (ISP) will block the mail server that is being used for the Spam shipment, that is to say, will send to black list direction IP from where it was sent, this will mean that the e-mails that you send to the people who use that ISP will not be received.

As you see, mail is very important to be responsible with marketing, shipment of publicity online and of mail massive, otherwise, which you tried that it meant an increase of clients for your business, can become quite the opposite.

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