Windows 9 to Hours of its Presentation

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Tomorrow 30 of September would have to be the official presentation of the new version of the operating system of Microsoft, Windows 9. Next passage to the distribution of his “seen of Test? will occur the one that would have to last until April of the 2015 when the official launching of the definitive version of the operating system is realised.

In one recent interview, Andrés Diantoro, President of Microsoft Indonesia, assured that the users of Windows 8 will be able to update to the new version without needing paying. The idea of Microsoft would be to favor the updates, especially of the portable equipment and.

On which it has not had information is envelope what will happen to the users of the other versions of Windows, but it thinks that with the idea to promote the updates, important discounts are offered.

According to this information, Microsoft would acquire the value of the complete license only to the manufacturing companies of computers, with the consequent increase in the final value of the product for the particular buyers, as it has happened until now.

Windows TH

Although everything will be confirmed tomorrow, Windows TH would be the name with which Microsoft has decided to baptize to Windows 9. This name would correspond to the abbreviation of Thresold Windows, the key name with which it was designated to Windows 9 to the interior of the company.

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