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They have told you that you require a dedicated server Linux, but you do not know what resources must have, good between everything what they can supply to you in the market, you must consider two factors that are going to determine their yield and ease of use.

The first factor that you must consider is the hardware of the Linux server, this is going to determine if the server is constructed to last and if he is able to support the tasks that you require of him. To use a good technology, will allow you to obtain power, reliability and a good yield.

The second factor that was due to consider when we are going to choose a dedicated server is, the software of the operating system Linux, this can as much make a great difference in the functionality as in the ease of use of the server.

Your supplier of hosting would have to give the freedom you to choose the one that accommodates to you more, for example, CentOS or Ubuntu.

CentOS, is based on the nucleus of Linux and is derived completely from the distribution of Linux, Red Hat Enterprise. Very it is appreciated by his scalability and security. The great advantage of CentOS is that it offers to the users a much more operative stability that other distributed Linux systems, this is due to the similarities of design with the system sent commercially (Red Hat)

In comparison with other sent operating systems in Linux, CentOS only executes the versions of more basic and stable programs, which allows to reduce the risk of fall of the system. Nevertheless this also means that there is less functionality in comparison to other distributions, but the CentOS community is quite active reason why it will not cost to find the support to you that you can need.

Ubuntu, on the other hand, is based on the distribution Debian Linux and it is made up of several software packages, the great majority of which they are distributed under a license of free software. Ubuntu is considered easy to use and the majority of their services only takes 30 minutes in forming.

Finally the distribution of Linux that you choose will depend on your experiences and preferences, the certain thing is that both distributions mentioned here, have very active communities, by the same, will be supported by many years more, reason why anyway the server will be in good hands.

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