What is a dedicated server?

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What is a dedicated server?

It knows that they are the dedicated servers and as your company can be benefitted to lodge its own website.

Dedicated servers

 What is a dedicated server?

A server dedicated in a physical server (or computer) with an operating system for servers who run several services on the network. The common use but for a dedicated server is the lodging of websites and use of corporative e-mail. We call server dedicated to an only server appointed to a single client or a specific task. When we spoke of Web hosting also is possible to have services of lodging Web under “shared? servers, who lodge great amount of users and are much more economic but they operate with smaller yield, since the resources of the server are distributed between all the users who execute tasks in the server. If your website begins to have many visits and uses majors resources of which a shared service can give, a dedicated server is the necessary investment. Of this form all the resources of the server will be destined to respond requests to your users and they are not distributed with third parties.

Why to use a dedicated server?

There are enough associated benefits to have a server dedicated as the flexibility, control, reliability and security. The dedicated servers give to major control to you allowing to install and to form the software that your business needs to work perfectly.
This means that you have the total control to install software that improves the productive processes of your business as you wish it. You can destine the use of the dedicated server to have a Web server, a database server, a server of application, servers of games, a file server or what you consider advisable, since you have the freedom to use all the resources available of the server. If you wish your server can execute varied tasks different and not only to be destined from a task, in any case he is not totally recommendable to run all the applications in the same server, since we could lose access to all the services if the server gets to have some technical disadvantage, to separate the services in different servers always is the best idea. With a dedicated server your you are the system adiniatrator reason why the security is your responsibility this means that you can adapt the security of your server as you require it.

Additionally, a dedicated server assures to you that actions of third people will not affect the quality of your services. If you were in a platform of hosting shared and other users they would abuse the use of resources this could affect negatively to the yield for being a service with shared resources. By all means, the costs associated to the use of a dedicated server are but high who a service of hosting shared, but this price also has relation with the best performance, major control and flexibility on your business.
With a dedicated server your business is in safe hands. It reviews the plans of dedicated servers and elije the one that better complies to your needs.

Advantages of a dedicated server

There are several benefits of the dedicated servers, as for example:

  • Flexibility, the possibility of installing the services and software that your business requires.
  • Control, you have the absolute control and instantaneous access to administer your server.
  • Resistance, with the correct configuration you can avoid periods of falls.
  • Trustworthiness, does not exist problems of yield by abuse of third parties.
  • It increases the security and it diminishes the possibility of lost of information, which is invaluable when these working with clients and confidential information.
  • Stability as you are the only owner of your dedicated server, without interferences of other websites.

Dedicated Administered or Semi-administered servers

Two types of servers dedicated – administered and semi-administered exist. The administered servers are perfect for clients who need help in the installation applications or configurations in the server, or to apply focused safety measures in the security of the business. The semi-administered servers are ideal for whom they wish to have to position the lack ferocity of his services.

He today finds but information on the dedicated servers and obtén your dedicated server.

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