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What is and Why It serves a Client FTP?

A client FTP is a program that allows you to connect to you using FTP and that commonly comes built-in your service of hosting. As much Windows as MAC has constructed clients FTP, which is useful if you need to do something in fast and simple form, but is not very rich as far as their characteristics. Ideally you would have […]

The Importance of a Good Domain

To know the concepts the Web hosting is fundamental to understand its operation and to know clearly what we needed when we are going to contract a service of this type. Next you will know all the details on the domains. A domain is the name that tipeas in your navigator to see a particular website, for example, when you want […]

What system computer science security you use?

Probably or you know that you must think about the computer science security, because to be victim of a threat in line, or a spyware, a virus or a hacker, it can cost very expensive. Your data base of clients could be robbed and be used by spammers or could have eliminated important information from your computer or server […]

What is a dedicated server?

What is a dedicated server? It knows that they are the dedicated servers and as your company can be benefitted to lodge its own website.  What is a dedicated server? A server dedicated in a physical server (or computer) with an operating system for servers who run several services on the network. The common use but […]

Why To prefer a Dedicated Server Linux

They have told you that you require a dedicated server Linux, but you do not know what resources must have, good between everything what they can supply to you in the market, you must consider two factors that are going to determine their yield and ease of use. The first factor that you must consider is the hardware of […]

Causes of the Loss of Data in your Computer

If accounts with a service of hosting that guarantees an endorsement, you can be calm with the information of your site and your e-mails, but you must consider that in your computer also you can suffer loss of important data. All the hard disks can possibly fail, by the same is that the companies consider […]