What system computer science security you use?

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Probably or you know that you must think about the computer science security, because to be victim of a threat in line, or a spyware, a virus or a hacker, it can cost very expensive.

Your data base of clients could be robbed and be used by spammers or could have eliminated important information from your computer or server or a software could be damaged or stop working.
Pass which pass, is no panic necessity if you have installed a software of security in your equipment, if you have maintained updated your applications and if you have endorsed your information regularly, if it is thus, you have the basic place setting.

Security for your hosting
But what has of your service of hosting? After all, your site, your post office and any information also lodged are vulnerable to attacks of hackers, virus and other threats online.
First, the good news. It happens that generally, of defect you had to be in favor protégé rather well, especially if you use a service of hosting shared, because these plans that have to several clients sharing a physical server cause that the suppliers of hosting restrict the installation of applications and protect all the systems arduously. This is due to that no supplier will risk to the error of a client affects all the server.
More flexibility means more security
Nevertheless, as general rule, while more flexibility gives your supplier to you of hosting, more kind you need to be mainly what it implies security.
For example, if you use a solution of dedicated server and have decided on the access root to install any software, you must understand the involved risks. Then probably you must install your own package of security, block your server and maintain all software very updated.
If you are not accustomed the technology, probably you must leave somebody helps you. The dedicated servers can be complicated to administer, especially if beams all your, by the same assures search the advising to you of experts.
He completely blocks the traffic nonwished
Something that you perhaps must consider is firewall or server of security, this can be a software piece that you install in your equipment or a piece aside from physical hardware. Both to do a quite similar work, that is to say, they filter the malicious traffic of Internet before it causes damage to your server.
Firewall will not protect to you of all the threats of security, but it can be very effective as part of your strategy of security.
Firewalls of hardware generally is considered more insurances than the security software, because they isolate the components of security of the rest of the systems. In addition firewalls to software requires more power of processing to execute itself.
The majority of the security servers comes with a configuration by defect that blocks threats communes. Nevertheless, for greater security, your you can form it so that the essential connections are only allowed. This adds a significant level of protection for its server.

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