Minimum requirements for VPS in Drupal

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Disc Server and space
Drupal requires a VPS that executes a version of Apache 2 or 1,3, or Microsoft IIS. The minimum amount of space in disc necessary to install Drupal is 15MEGABYTE; Nevertheless, it is probable that you have more disc space if you plan the construction of a website with Drupal with all the functions.

PHP and Requisite data base
Versions of Drupal 5 and 6 require 4,4 PHP or superior, although it recommends 5.2. Drupal 7 requires 5.2.5 or superior, but PHP 5.3 is recommended. Drupal 5 requires the version 3.23.17 MySQL or superior to work, whereas Drupal 6 is compatible with 4,1 or superior. This last one also is compatible with version 7.1 of PostgreSQL. Drupal 7 requires the version of 5.0.15 MySQL or superior, but also he is compatible with the version of 3.3.7 SQLite or superior.

Configuration of Clean directions URL
The option to use URLs clean is available after the installation, but the function is not activated by defect. Clean URLs transforms complex directions URL of site of Drupal, in URLs simple and easy to read. For example, the sign of form predetermined in the URL/? Q = usuary/beginning of session changes/user/beginning of session when URLs clean is qualified.

In order to qualify URLs clean, the module mod_rewrite must be qualified in the server.

Other considerations
Before buying a package of lodging VPS, or to try to install Drupal in its existing VPS package of hosting, in touch with the department of attention to the client and verifies that the system and the selected package fulfill the minimum requirements for Drupal.

Other considerations for the election of a package of lodging include the reliability of the system, the speed and the time of inactivity average, as well as the reputation of the lodging company.

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