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Hosting to reseller has clients whom they require of a Control Panel to manage to control his accounts of hosting and to manage to resell services with plans in accordance with the client, this is possible by means of WHM of cPanel.

Linux operating systemThis Control Panel allows to create plans of hosting and to modify quotas (disc space), you tare programmed, to handle backups, to list accounts, to add or to eliminate IP blocked, etc. Without a doubt a panel who allows to manage to administer WHM you, but in addition is possible to enter directly cPanel or Control Panel of any client created in the WHM, being allowed to give support to the client in case of requiring help on the part of the users of the service of remarketer.

The service of hosting to reseller account with different disc spaces and usually is the differentiation between a service and another one, since normally typical as: creation of accounts, monthly transference, applications Web, accounts FTP, parked domains, subdomains, data bases, among others can be quite similar.

On the other hand normally hosting to reseller does not allow remote connections, and has limits of shipments of post office per hour to support the correct operation the service and to avoid the black lists or RBL.

How to use Hosting Reseller to lodge multiple sites

1. It makes a list of the websites and domains that wishes to lodge in its Hosting Reseller. For each website, it considers the amount of space that is required to lodge the archives. It adds necessary space for a future expansion. It considers the total traffic that the websites will attract and adds the traffic considered for […]