Virtualization and Software, a Winning Duo

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The virtualization includes diverse technologies of computation and so much concerning hardware as concerning software can be obtained.

In a company, the virtualization can improve the capacity of the services of software, especially the SaaS applications. It is also the most effective form so that the companies reduce their costs of YOU. It tries to put the together virtualization and SaaS and you can have a winning combination.
The concept of the virtualization has been adopted and accepted by the community of development of software, because it has the capacity to provide mechanisms of development and tests that can be created quickly.

VMware and VBox are two of the used technologies more, and allow that several users can execute in different operating systems, versions and instances. The majority of the companies of development of software adopts the technique of virtualization by means of, first of all, the adoption of the mechanism of virtualization of software and soon moving gradually towards the hardware virtualization, to create virtual servers or VPS.

Software ace to Service (SaaS) is a model of license of software in which software is licensed under subscription and is lodged centrally by a salesman or a supplier of services. These distributed applications of software are at the disposal of the clients through Internet.

 Virtualización and SaaS

In spite of having many advantages, the SaaS service (Software ace to Service) still has certain debts, for example

- Enormous cost of beginning: The income inverted in the configuration recover in a period of years.

- It is possible to be violated the principles of free software: The activist of free Software Richard Stallman talks about to SaaS as “service as software substitute (Saass)?, and considers that it is a violation of the principles of free software. “With SaaS, the users do not have a copy of the EXE file, that is in the server, reason why cannot see it nor touch it. Therefore, usuary to know them what really he does or to change it is impossible. SaaS inherently gives to the operator of the server the power to change software in use, or the data of the users who operate.

If we concentrated beyond the infrastructure and the costs of beginning, once unfolded, a platform of SaaS applications must assure reproducibility. Each and every one of the instances of the application based on SaaS must to each other be identical. It must have minimum differences with the purpose of to maintain the coherent behavior of each instance of the application for each client and the equipment of support. This becomes so that they have a base uniforms with the purpose of to solve any problem, if it is necessary. All the process must be automated for benefits of consistency and costs.


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