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MySQL is a database management system relational (RDBMS) whose main characteristic is its ease of use and its rapidity, by the same is used in many websites.

From the beginning the speed has been the main center of the developers. In the interest by the speed, MySQL has decided to offer less functions than its main competitors (as Oracle and Sybase). Nevertheless, although MySQL has less functionalities than its commercial competitors, it counts on all the characteristics that the majority needs the developers of data bases. It is easier to install and to use that its competitors, and the price difference is very in favor of MySQL.

MySQL originally was developed by a Swedish company, but now it is developed, commercialized, and supported by Sun Microsystems. This company gives licenses of two ways:

- MySQL Community Server: It is an edition of MySQL, of open code and unballastable free of charge, it is sent frequently with characteristics more outposts. Any person who can fulfill the requirements of the lpg (General Public License) can use software free.

- MySQL Enterprise Subscription: An integral supply of support to the production, tools of monitoring and the basic software of MySQL data. By a quota of subscription phelp to the year by server you will have available monthly updates of software, consulting services, technical support and other services. You can choose the level of services that you wish according to the quota which you want to pay.

To find technical support for MySQL Community Server is very easy, you can be united to one of the many lists of discussion via email that are offered in the website of MySQL ( You even can look for in the archives of the email lists that contain questions and answers on MySQL. It knows this data base and it dates account why she is the favourite by the companies of hosting.

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