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The design of a data base is not something complicated once you determine in what it is going to consist. The data base contains the necessary information so that the application works and its design includes the identification of the data that you need and the organization of these in the form in which the basic software of data requires it.

The election of the data

First of all, you must identify what information would have to be in your data base. It reviews the listing of tasks that wishes that the application realises and to determine what information is needed to complete each of those tasks. You must consider the space that you think that information is going to occupy, because on that the plan of Hosting will depend that serves to you.

Here there are some examples:

- A catalogue in line needs a data base that contains information on products.

- An application of orders online needs a data base that can contain the information of the client and the information of the order.

- A website of trips needs a data base with information on destinies, reserves, tariffs, schedules, and all that data type.

In many cases, your application could include a task on compiling information from the user. For that you will have to balance your necessity to compile all the potential useful information of your clients, versus a reluctance of your users to give personal information.  If you want to collect more data you can request certain optional information, so that your user only responds if he wishes it. Another option is to offer an incentive to fill in the form.

Tomato the time to develop an exhaustive list of the information that you need to store in your data base. Although you can change and add information to the data base after it has been developed, although obvious to include the information from the beginning is easier.

It considers in addition that if you later add information to the data base (after already he is in use) the first users in the data base will have an incomplete information. For example, if you later begin to request the age of the user, you are not going to have the age of the people who or have filled the form and or are part of the data base.

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