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How that the Shared Hosting no longer Serves to me?

To scale your plan of hosting for your infrastructure is very important. When you begin the new most probable business is than you wish to have a new website. This new site that just begins to be does not receive much traffic and their needs of hosting are minimum, reason why it is very probable that they suggest [to you…]

A VPS Can Benefit your Business

Although hosting in virtual server or VPS has become very popular in the last years, many companies still lie down to be confused and so this hybrid of dedicated server and hosting shared is able to offer. The intention of this article is to indicate all the forms in that a VPS or virtual server […]

How Work does a Certificate SSL?

A certificate SSL allows you encriptar the sensible data sent from the navigator of the visitor from a site to your Web server, generally is numbers of password or credit cards. The encryption is necessary because the data in the Web are sent commonly in legible text from a computer to […]

Certificate vulnerabilities SSL

Google would be shortage recently that an intermediate certificate authority issued nonauthorized certificates SSL to several of her domains. In an attack of this type, a certificate authority can try to be the true authority certificate sender, mainly if the first company is made happen through an official certifier, who is […]