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The Web Hosting nowadays is a fundamental tool so that the companies can communicate in the world of the Internet and also to maintain their operation, is by which to define correctly what is best hosting and what is the service that I need is more and more important.

Linux operating system

At present the majority of the websites is created in CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla or Prestashop, but in addition exist developers Web that are using HTML5 or other languages, to obtain the correct implementation of the service requires a server linux that works with respective server HTTP APACHE, the data base MySQL and their respective versions so that the application or system manages to adapt themselves to that is used in hosting.

Nowadays the users of hosting look for solutions for their lodging Web that have a suitable Control Panel and which they have a great amount of options to manage his domains, post office, data bases, applications and statistics. This is possible to find it in panels as cPanel, but in addition to these panels the users of hosting look for corporative mail for simple shipment, for it is necessary to have hosting with the security adapted for the Spam, this means to have servers who are not in RBL or ready Blacks since this produces mail shipment bankrupt. Normally the companies of hosting prohibit the Spam to avoid disadvantages in clients of a server, this is important at the time of choosing a service of lodging Web.

Why made is a migration Web?

There are different types from migrations Web. Here we told you why one becomes and which are these ways to do them. A migration of a website is something to which more of somebody it has had to face up sometimes. And it is that sometimes, for natural reasons, as a change of domain or […]

Take care of the computer science attacks with these five rules

A reinforcing of passwords and the installation of updates of the operating system, is essential not to fall in computer science attacks. It discovers more advice. The ciberseguridad is subject of conversation in all sides at the moment, being the main center of attention of the companies., that are prepared to invest high sums of money in protecting their systems. […]

The 4 errors more common in FTP and what means

What mean the messages of errors in FTP and why they appear? Here we clarified the meaning of the 4 errors more common in FTP. Internet has become an important help for the people at the time of administering to corporative blogs or Web sites. By the same it is that is to remove to the maximum benefit […]

5 myths on hosting and SEO that you must forget now

Internet is full of myths and hosting does not escape to this. Find out to you here five popular beliefs that they are not certain. All that one that counts on a webpage, knows that the Web hosting is one of the aspects most important to consider. Why? Because it influences in search engine optimization, although nobody […]

Identifying best hosting for your website

Installation, bandwidth of applications and panel of administration is important aspects of your hosting. It discovers more with us. To begin an undertaking is something so nobody is born preparation. The things are many that are learned in the way, reason why any help always is welcome. And something in which […]

Tendencies of cloud computing in 2017

The computation in the cloud grows year to year, reason why he is advisable to be to the vanguard. It observes what you must be kind not to be outside. Although or we were in the third month of the year, still they are other nine ahead to raise some hypotheses or auguries than us […]

Why it is good for having a filter anti-Spam for the mail?

To take advantage of better the time and to fortify the network of businesses they comprise of the advantages of a filter anti-Spam. Sight more here. Who has not received sometimes a mail Spam? Annoying, truth? , Then independent of the bad short while that it will give us to receive a mail of this type, also it could be detrimental for your business. And […]

Hosting Microsoft or Linux?

It is important to choose hosting suitable for our website. Microsoft and Linux offer advantages, reason why it is good for knowing how they can help you. To choose a service of lodging Web supposes a series of things to consider before choosing the final option to lodge our website. In this sense, one of […]

What I need for being hosting to reseller?

Why to sell hosting? This it is a service very required at present, reason why to contract a service of hosting to reseller is a good idea to offer a solution that follows in increase and thus to generate income for your pocket. Chile has become one of the countries with greater amount of access […]
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