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Minimum requirements for VPS in Drupal

Server and space Drupal disc require a VPS that executes a version of Apache 2 or 1,3, or Microsoft IIS. The minimum amount of space in disc necessary to install Drupal is 15MEGABYTE; Nevertheless, it is probable that you have more disc space if you plan the construction of a website with Drupal with […]

How to use Hosting Reseller to lodge multiple sites

1. It makes a list of the websites and domains that wishes to lodge in its Hosting Reseller. For each website, it considers the amount of space that is required to lodge the archives. It adds necessary space for a future expansion. It considers the total traffic that the websites will attract and adds the traffic considered for […]

Tasks of preventive maintenance of your server

Control of maintenance a verification list provides a group for the tasks that are going away to realise in determined intervals, and help to assure that everything becomes. Also it serves as a tool for the audit of the maintenance procedures, and must be part of a plan of recovery of disasters. Daily tasks […]