How to use Hosting Reseller to lodge multiple sites

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1. It makes a list of the websites and domains that wishes to lodge in its Hosting Reseller. For each website, it considers the amount of space that is required to lodge the archives. It adds necessary space for a future expansion. It considers the total traffic that the websites will attract and adds the traffic considered for next the five years. If the websites require of e-mail, it writes down how many they will be needed altogether. If the websites require that host can execute special functions, also considers this.

2. It finds a lodging company that offers accounts of hosting to reseller. It selects one that offers reference sites and verifies these sites for the speed of load and to see if its complexity is what you need. It selects a plan of Hosting Reseller that offers more sites, more space, more traffic and more boxes of e-mail than those that your you need. If you are whereas clause a company of hosting that offers limitless space or traffic, it verifies if there is language in the terms and conditions that limit the operations of other ways, as the limits on the number of archives or the percentage of the capacity of the used server. It avoids the companies that impose limits of no type, since they are predisposed to being overloaded and slow.

3. At the time of contracting a plan of Hosting Reseller, it begins with a monthly or quarterly contract and proves the lodging with some accounts. It finds information of the server of names of host, and you do the corresponding changes in the DNS for the accounts of test. It enters in touch with the service the client with some questions to verify its capacity of answer. It reviews the invoices of the company and aseguratt of which its system of invoicing allows to easily maintain a pursuit him of the costs.

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