What I need for being hosting to reseller?

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Why to sell hosting? This it is a service very required at present, reason why to contract a service of hosting to reseller is a good idea to offer a solution that follows in increase and thus to generate income for your pocket.

Chile has become one of the countries with greater amount of access to Internet in Latin America and this is something that has been taking advantage of many people to form a digital company or to give him to an impulse or a new display cabinet to their business. And the service of Web hosting is not the exception.

This it is a service very required at present, since a good service of lodging Web can make the difference between achieving the success or failing with our project. In addition, although there are options of hosting gratuitous for those who therefore wish it, these, in his majority, do not fulfill all the requirements, reason why sooner or later they will end up acquiring a phelp service. It is here where you must be kind, since you can offer this quoted service of the best form.

How? Contracting a plan of hosting to reseller. The monetary investment that implies this is not greater and is a big investment in the long term. In addition, in agreement it is increasing the business, you could be increasing the investment. For example if you do not have an office, in the beginning it will not matter, but you must have a website, where you can offer your plans.

 What I must do once I obtained my plan of hosting to reseller?

One of the invaluable things in any undertaking or business it is the time and the dedication and will not be different here. In addition, of that, some points exist that are essential to be able to leave windy with our sale hosting.


  • Organization: He is crucial that you take this business with all the seriousness that entails. It is necessary to put goals short and long term and to handle a business plan that takes you to the attainment of these objectives. This means search methods of attention and communication with your clients, in addition to selecting techniques of sales, among others.
  • Qualification: To be self-taught is an extra. He is vital to inquire about which it is being sold. Although the area of support of the service of hosting to reseller that you contracted will support in this, it is good that you can offer help him to your clients who ask for it.
  • It designs an attractive website: It is good for counting on a friendly and clear webpage, where they are specified the plans and forms of payment, among others points. If already accounts with a site, then you must add this eyelash to him where these new services are explained and what includes.
  • Dedication: The discipline is fundamental. The USA your time search ways to publicize and to promote the sales. He is recommendable that you destine as minimum one hour of your day to study on marketing online and thus to begin to generate more visits towards your website. Also, you do not neglect to the competition and investigates what is what it is doing, thus you will be able to offer an added value or to offer something that they are not offering.
  • Communication with the client: A fast communication is indispensable to gain clients and fidelizar to the already existing ones. It responds with speed and it tries to have a customized attention for each.
  • To become specialist: It is good also that you try to focus in a market niche and to become leader. For example, you can focus in giving hosting for sites of SMEs.
  • Quality: A service of quality is characterized by the servers and the offered technology the clients, nevertheless, one of the main components is the technical support. A form of contact in the site implements that helps the clients to solve doubts.

With these advice, you will be able to create a powerful company of hosting, with a good reputation focused in his clients. It remembers that a bad commentary of one of them, can repel in the future in new sales. This is very important, mainly when just beginning itself. As you see, a plan of hosting to reseller can be a good idea to generate extra income and to give new services to your clients.  You do not fail to take advantage of the opportunity!

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