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It is important to choose hosting suitable for our website. Microsoft and Linux offer advantages, reason why it is good for knowing how they can help you.

To choose a service of lodging Web supposes a series of things to consider before choosing the final option to lodge our website. In this sense, one of the first things that are due to consider is the operating system that it will have, that is to say, if it is Linux or Microsoft.

This decision is very important, since on this the type of webpage or servers depends who will lodge in the Web hosting. It is good for considering this, because many companies usually choose Windows or Linux, whereas clause that the majority of the computers occupies one or the other operating system, without considering the type of applications that will lodge.

By the same he is that hosting, with the aim of which you choose most suitable, for your requirements or needs is good for reviewing some aspects of each of these.

LinuxI choose Linux?

He is suitable that you choose this server, if the website that you own uses language PHP, Perl or MySQL, for example, if he is going away to lodge in the server applications as WordPress or Joomla. And it is that this type of content managers is quite popular, reason why is common that the companies incline by Linux.

In any case, these technologies can also be used with Windows, but they can generate difficulties, so he is better to work within the system for which they were created.

Which are the advantages that to us hosting Linux presents?

  • Economic services: The Linux servers, generally, are economic than the servers Windows. Along with this, Linux offers a free system of licenses and registries, reason why a good sum of dnero when not having can be saved to pay by the use of software.
  • Smaller vulnerability to virus: Greater immunity to malicious attacks and virus in comparison to Windows is the one that offers Linux. This also will depend on the security that offers the company in this item, nevertheless, is less prone to suffer inconvenient of this type. It is fundamental to base our election is an aspect as this.
  • Greater flexibility of use: It is certain that many people lie down to the fear when is to occupy Linux, but this is only because they are not customary. The reality is that it is not difficult to manipulate and even offers the advantage to personalize it to be adapting it still more to the type of projects that will lodge in the server. This possibility is something to consider, thus to remove the maximum benefit to the servers.

For which Microsoft?

It is certain – as we shelp it previously that many choose this type of hosting, because many people and companies occupy this operating system. However, the decision does not have to happen for this reason, since both can adapt to any operating system, but is vital that has in consideration the technology that is going away to occupy. For example, the technologies of Microsoft as ASP and ASP.Net cannot work in hosting with Linux, reason why for these effects it will be necessary to contract to a service of hosting Windows.

Between the advantages that we can find for hosting Microsoft, they are:

  • The simplicity of its use: When being working with a well-known platform, the users become familiar with more rapidity to the use interface, in case they must realise configurations or interact with the service of lodging Web.
  • More applications: The development of Windows is faster, reason why more options or alternatives exist to choose, in case there is to incorporate them to the page, to do it more complete.

Anyone is the decision, we recommended to you that you evaluate the different options from Web calmly hosting that there is in the market, so that you know with certainty, what is what you need for your website.

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