Why he is better to trust a service of housing?

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If accounts with technological or economic resources and you do not love your servers working 100%, thinks about a service of housing.

You know what is housing? This it is a service that offers some companies that are characterized to sell or to rent space for the servers of certain clients, where the supplier must make sure to give energy, connection to Internet, cooling systems and heating and physical security of the equipment.

And although, to choose a service of housing he is not something simple, he is something very quoted by the companies, mainly by which they are ligatures to the world of computer science, since generating these spaces for the storage of the servers are something very expensive as far as installation and lack ferocity, reason why finishes being more profitable the option of housing.

What must offer a company of housing?

The benefits that must offer a company of this type, as that are many we will see next:

  • serversA company supplier of housing must give permanent connection to different types from power supply and thus to increase the availability of the service, independent if faults in the feeding exist.
  • A connection to Internet 24/7, since the clients connect themselves to him of remote way.
  • In case of faults with the temperature, they must have exhaust fans, that do not overheat the equipment.
  • Physical security of the equipment, or through access doors controlled as biometric sensors.
  • Constant monitoring of the server to avoid any fault and a connection to Internet with greater bandwidth for more availability.

It is certain that all the previous one, can be arranged by the owner of the server, nevertheless, when contracting housing, the company is forced to store to the servers in rooms with the best conditions as systems anti fires, with specialized smoke detectors and extinguishers to take care in electrical systems, connected to current.

Also it must provide systems with air conditioning to conserve a temperature and atmosphere adapted to the interior of the facilities. It is good for knowing that if exists a high humidity near electrical equipment, this one could condense and to generate drops of water, that could be translated in you cut in the system.

The security, a fundamental factor

So that all the information of the clients is protected, it is that there is to control the access of third people or nonauthorized personnel. By the same he is that these companies must have biometric readers, that by means of the digital track, could confirm if she is authorized or not to make entrance. Just like with a magnetic card that is another form to control these spaces. Even, a good alternative in addition, is the recognition by voice.

If you do not have the technological and/or economic resources so that your servers work to their maximum capacity, but need the care and maintenance of your servers not to have interruptions or intermitencias with your project Web, then it evaluates to contract a service of housing, with which you will be able to be not worried of certain aspects, to focus you in your business.

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