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The servers, the archives and the code of a site can influence – for or or evil in the performance of your site. He discovers how to improve it.

The user experience is something vital, for that owns a website at present, since to a great extent, the one depends on this that the users remain or they go away. In addition it has direct relation with the SEO and the seat of honor that we occupied in the finders.

In fact, the relation between the speed of load of a site and the rate by ricochet, are directly proportional.  It is known that if spends more than three seconds to try to load a page, the user will become bored and he will go away. By the same it is that it is good for considering how to improve this aspect.

How to improve the speed of load?

One of the objectives of the WPO (Web Performance Optimization) is that the Web seems fast. Generally, in sites of greater magnitude, of an important volume of information and requirements to the server, one takes control very complicated to obtain a time of load inferior to the second.

What one is due to realise in these cases is “to seem? a fast site. How? That in the first one secondly of visualization of the contents, those are loaded that at the outset are and the rest of them, it is loaded in the next seconds.

But you want to realise a change in this sense that helps you to optimize the time, you must consider the following thing.


The server where your site lodges is vitally important, since a server or hosting always shared will be slower than a dedicated server. This, because a shared server must take care of several pages and all the users who look for the access these, reason why these requests are put in delay and the capacity finishes being limited.

In addition, that a correct performance of the speed of load will depend on the power of the servers and the plan that we have contracted in hosting. If it is counted on the resources, the best thing is to decide on a dedicated server.


Another factor that can play to us favor – or in con is the size of the archives. Thanks to this method it is possible to be compressed the archives, which will benefit us in the times from delay from a page.

To qualify cache

The cache avoids to us to have to load several times a page that has not been modified, keeping a copy from the site in the memory, which allows us to save time of load, since it is not necessary to return to realise the request to the server and to unload it. This can be activated by means of htacces or in the case of a CMS, it is possible to be done by means of plugin, for example if you use WordPress, it can be Total W3 Cache.

Understanding of imagesTo compress images

The images usually are essential anywhere Web, but without a doubt that means a considerable weight, which slows down the load of a page. This not is due to the good quality of the images, but also to the amount of information as the date and the data of the capture.

By this it is that he is vital to compress the images so that they weigh less possible, which will result in one better rapidity. Calm, that all this, does not mean that you lose quality of your archives, since for this also tools exist that can offer a hand you as JpegMini.

Minificar the code

When one becomes a webpage spaces, jumps of line and other elements take care, that a little heavier do to documents of the normal thing. By this, when already the page has been elaborated and this one is not going to undergo more changes, the best thing is to minificar documents. What takes control of this? To eliminate the spaces and to unite the code most possible to reduce the weight.

This will repel in the speed of load, although also it is recommended to keep a backup copy without minificar.

Following these advice you will be able to improve the speed of load of your site. It remembers in addition, that exists tools online that allows you to measure speed of your Web, so that you see if he is advisable or no, realise improvements in this aspect.

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