Purchase and sale of domains Web: A profitable business?

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The domains Web can be a source for a profitable business, but some factors are taken into account. Which? Find out them now.

When saying it, it does not sound a good business. Be obtained can money by the purchase and sale of domains Web? This depends on many factors, but in principle we will say that yes it is possible. For this, only it is necessary to buy a good domain and soon to sell it to a higher price. Simple? Not as much as it seems.

So that the value increases the sufficient thing is fundamental that the domain is from great value for the companies that could be interested. But what elements influence at the time of arriving at this?

On what the value of a domain depends?

Value of the domainWhen a sale of a domain is realised Web, which becomes is the transference of the property rights on this one, since it is an intangible good. Any name of domain can be sold, whenever the rights are respected name brand. The generic names as casa.cl, or autos.cl can also be acquired and can have a very good value, for companies or companies that are dedicated to the real estate or automotive heading, respectively.

Of what it goes to depend the value on a domain? Several factors exist that this determines. For example, are attractive the domains that have been indexed by Google and with a good positioning in the ranking of searches.

Another one of the important factors is the profile of incoming connections or the volume of searches of the key words. Also a name short and easy to remember will count with more interested, than one with an extensive and complicated name.

On the other hand, the extension is another determining factor, since the international extensions or Top Level Domains (TLD), as the domains .com or .net they are more expensive than the territorial ones as they are it .cl, .mx or to.ar.

Fundamental criteria in the value of a domain

As we already shelp, they are plus the factors that influence in the value of a domain, at the time of selling it, which they are possible to be summarized in the following:

  • The own construction of the name of the domain.
  • The relevance that it owns for the web search engines.
  • The value that has for the market and the potential of use.
  • The power to negotiate that it has and the legal situation.

Obvious, it is the buyer that is the last one in determining the value of a product, following which is arranged to pay. It is therefore, that the value for the market and the potential of use, is so important.

And it is that the price of a domain can be varying with time, that is to say, if does few years did not have no value, at another moment can reach millionaire numbers.

It is possible to make money?

In the beginnings of Internet, when still it was a bet to venture itself by the digital world, to acquire terms with words of daily use as houses or cars could mean a small fortune, if it was known how to make a business.

Although, at present still businesses, these can be done are not so fruitful as if they were it some years ago. Now intuition is needed enough to detect a domain that can be of general interest, in the future.


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