Tendencies of cloud computing in 2017

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The computation in the cloud grows year to year, reason why he is advisable to be to the vanguard. It observes what you must be kind not to be outside.

Although or we were in the third month of the year, still they are other nine ahead to raise some hypotheses or auguries than it will bring the industry to us of the technology and one of them is cloud computing or computation in the cloud.

Although the past year the great question had relation with if moving or not to the cloud, however or at present it is rather, how I can do it of the best form. And it is that a global survey of IBM carried out to more than thousand executives of 18 industries, indicates that the survey companies are occupying the cloud, although only in some areas of its business.

78% of the survey ones affirmed that their initiatives in the cloud totally are integrated, whereas five years ago, the number arrived at 34%. Also, it is hoped that for this 2017 half of the service loads they remain in the present facilities, with dedicated servers.

The explosion of cloud computing

Cloud ComputingDue to this explosion that has demonstrated the computation in the cloud, it is that IBM anticipated what it will happen in 2017 as far as this item:

 The height of the mental computation

This type of computation is intelligent systems of data analysis that incorporates artificial intelligence. A more and more great number of the things of which we depend is the increasing ocean of data that surrounds to us. It is more, 80% of the data of the world are not structured, gathered and stored by computers, but unusable for the analysis.

The servers, storage and software are being constructed in a hybrid cloud platform, that causes a greater rapidity towards the mental solutions. This is possible, due to the mental computer science systems that can understand, learn and reason.

This year, the mental solutions available by means of the cloud, they will continue leading new experiences and modifying the whole industries, from the financial sector to the one of the health.

Smaller complexity and cost in the development of applications

A new technology that denominates “computation without server?, it causes that the use of virtual and physical servers is completely invisible for the developers. This technology is beginning to leave in the open the competitive advantages that change the game for the organizations, or are these great ones, small medians or.

During the 2017, more companies will take advantage of their benefits, including the reduction of the time of development to a lower cost.

Greater security

Security in the WebDuring the last year, we observed a countless number of violations as far as computer science security, that affected to companies, citizens and governments. And although this type of disadvantages continues appearing, the suppliers of computation in the cloud already are taking measured to construct new security systems.

In 2017, the new mental capacities will worry the transformation of the perceived vulnerabilities of security in the cloud. This without a doubt will help to approach the lack of present capacities, to accelerate the answers and to help to diminish the cost and the complexity of making against the cybercafe delinquency.

Cultural transformation drives the route towards the cloud

While more organizations adopt the cloud, the passage will require a transformation that goes beyond the technology. From investigators to the organizations they must adopt a change of culture that approach in the experience of the user, improving the collaboration, the freedom to undergo and an acute enterprise approach.

In 2017, we will see see more companies of YOU than they will create physical spaces where the talent will be nourished and small equipment will be able to meet to learn new abilities and to collaborate in the innovations that are needed.

The platforms in the cloud will accelerate the innovation and the key role that the technology of the information in the transformation of the businesses and the society owns as a whole.

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