5 myths on hosting and SEO that you must forget now

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Internet is full of myths and hosting does not escape to this. Find out to you here five popular beliefs that they are not certain.

All that one that counts on a webpage, knows that the Web hosting is one of the aspects most important to consider. Why? Because it influences in search engine optimization, although nobody knows to say exactly to what extent.

And it is that indeed the lodging Web is one of the elements that influence in the positioning, but not directly. By the same it is that it is necessary to be demolishing some myths, with respect to this subject, so that you have a clearer panorama:

1. In order to position itself in Google he is better to have lodging in this locality

At the present time, cloud computing or computation in the cloud offers to the services of Web hosting the gift of ubiquity, that is to say, the place where it is lodged a website does not influence in the accessibility nor in its management. Now, which yes is determining is the connectivity which it has datacenter where is a Web, with respect to Google.

For example, it does not matter where my Web is lodged, but the really excellent head of cattle how much it is going to delay Google in arriving there. Thus, to work with a supplier located in a neutral point of access interchange to the network and that peering with carriers realises Tier I where it interests to you to position, will allow to diminish the latencies and the access times to your information on the part of Google.

2. The time of load is important for the SEO

It is not important. Definitively he is vital and not only for the positioning, since also it affects to the quality of the announcements in the platforms of PPC as Google Adwords. In this part, many elements exist that take part, from the time that the robot of the web search engine in tracking a website takes, until the time of load of the page completely and without external factors, as publicity or widgets.

3. The migration affects the SEO negatively

Web SEOThis thus does not have why to be, as long as the transfer is made correctly. In case it is interrupted during a reduced time interval (minutes or pair of hours), 503 that indicates to the robot of Google the temporary fall, will be enough to reduce a negative effect on the positioning.

If all the process becomes of an incorrect way, with several hours of even cuts or days, yes it will affect the authority of the site and therefore, the SEO of this one.

4. To choose extension of domain in function where it is wanted to position

This is not necessary. That is to say, it is possible to be positioned well in Latin America, with an extension of domain .es; or with .org. Obvious better extensions as a .com exist, that is more global than .ly, that has problems of distribution of DNS.

5. While older the domain, better positions

That is to say, until certain point, certain. That is to say, more than the antiquity of a domain, the really excellent thing for these effects is its historical one of activity. For example, a domain that takes using for 10 years, has much crossed way, nevertheless, if a domain we have been having it for 10 years, without using, then it does not have the same value.

The world of Internet is full of myths that we want to be destroying, so that you inform to you properly and you make the best decisions at the time of contracting to your service of lodging Web.

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