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What mean the messages of errors in FTP and why they appear? Here we clarified the meaning of the 4 errors more common in FTP.

Internet has become an important help for the people at the time of administering to corporative blogs or Web sites. By the same it is that there is to remove the maximum possible benefit. Nevertheless, sometimes they also appear errors.

In the cybernetic world it is necessary to get used to seeing error messages from time to time and understanding what means the different associate numbers. Some of these, on all the related to errors of navigation in Internet, enough are known and easy to understand. We know that Error 404, for example, means“pagenonfound?, orthat‘Error500’means“erroroftheserver?.

But, the errors in FTP? They are not so common, then it is more difficult to recognize what means when they appear. It is for that reason that we have selected the 4 errors more common in FTP, and here we provided an explanation to you of why they appear to facilitate your use of the server.

The 4 errors more common in FTP

error-FTPERROR 530: “Login incorrect?

Why it appears: If inserted of incorrect form the user or password, will appear to you this error.

ERROR 533: “Could not creates to you cases out?

Why it appears: This error can take place because you do not have modification permissions on the directory in whom you want to locate your content, or because a file with the same name already exists.

ERROR 550: There are two possible messages that can be generated by this error:

  1. “Operation creates directory to you failed?.

Why it appears: This message can appear because there are permissions no sufficient to create the directory or because you are using a user of incorrect FTP. As it regulates general uses the main user of your account of hosting.

  1. “Failed to change directory?.

Why it appears: S.A. to try to accede to a directory appears to you this message of error, can be due to two causes: you do not have permissions sufficient to accede to the same, or the directory does not exist.

ERROR 421: “There plows too many open connections?

Why he appears: This error takes place when you have more than five connections opened with the server. It reviews if it is thus and in such case, closes those that are not strictly necessary.

In case you only have a connection opened with the server and appears this error, it reviews that you do not have firewall blocking the connections that are opened, that could cause that more attempts of connection of the necessary ones settle down.

We hope that these explanations you have been useful and who they facilitate a little to you the life with FTP. If it appears to you an error that does not appear above within the published ones, let know it to us in the commentaries down.

The world of Internet often is made a little complicated, but the idea is that you can understand each one of the concepts with these articles, that they try to be an important help and thus you can handle your site of the best possible way.

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