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What is a dedicated server?

What is a dedicated server? It knows that they are the dedicated servers and as your company can be benefitted to lodge its own website.  What is a dedicated server? A server dedicated in a physical server (or computer) with an operating system for servers who run several services on the network. The common use but […]

Why To prefer a Dedicated Server Linux

They have told you that you require a dedicated server Linux, but you do not know what resources must have, good between everything what they can supply to you in the market, you must consider two factors that are going to determine their yield and ease of use. The first factor that you must consider is the hardware of […]

Causes of the Loss of Data in your Computer

If accounts with a service of hosting that guarantees an endorsement, you can be calm with the information of your site and your e-mails, but you must consider that in your computer also you can suffer loss of important data. All the hard disks can possibly fail, by the same is that the companies consider […]

Slight knowledge of Cloud Computing and Web Hosting

Cloud Computing and the Web Hosting can seem similar, because these two types of services can have similar configurations and to a great extent they can give the same results. Nevertheless, there are some differences of great importance in Cloud Computing and the Web Hosting that they have to do with the technical definition of each. […]

Windows 9 to Hours of its Presentation

Tomorrow 30 of September would have to be the official presentation of the new version of the operating system of Microsoft, Windows 9. Next passage to the distribution of his “seen of Test? will occur the one that would have to last until April of the 2015 when the official launching of the definitive version of the operating system is realised. In […]

What are the Plugins de WordPress?

One of the majors advantages that WordPress in front of other managers of contents presents and that make it ideal to create a website or a blog, is the possibility that gives to adapt it to the needs of our project. Its flexibility can be seen, for example, in the design, thanks to the numerous options […]

Spam: What is and Which are their Risks

We call Spam to any received e-mail without we have allowed his shipment, by the same, also we called it wished or not asked for mail. Technically Spam to those e-mails will be considered in which the message is applicable to many receivers, reason why does not matter its identity. But in addition, we can differentiate between […]

Why it serves a certificate SSL

The HTTP or also called Transfer protocol of hypertext is what it delimits the techniques and norms of the transport of data from the servers where a site lodges until our equipment from where we are seeing it, by all means that all this happens without we notice it and while we can see and […]
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