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To begin To design Base de Datos

The design of a data base is not something complicated once you determine in what it is going to consist. The data base contains the necessary information so that the application works and its design includes the identification of the data that you need and the organization of these in the form in which […]

MySQL, Base de Datos more Used

MySQL is a database management system relational (RDBMS) whose main characteristic is its ease of use and its rapidity, by the same is used in many websites. From the beginning the speed has been the main center of the developers. In the interest by the speed, MySQL has decided to offer […]

Virtualization and Software, a Winning Duo

The virtualization includes diverse technologies of computation and so much concerning hardware as concerning software can be obtained. In a company, the virtualization can improve the capacity of the services of software, especially the SaaS applications. It is also the most effective form so that the companies reduce their costs of YOU. ] Tries […

Data To program your Migration of Hosting

When you receive the greater amount of visits in your website? The majority of the people does not know the answer this question or thinks that they know it, but are in fact only guessing. The statistics of your website show to the days and hours of greater use, reason why the best thing is to consult […]

Why It serves the DNS?

If sometimes you have contracted a service of hosting, then you must know that soon to do you must it form the DNS or Domain name server (Server of domain name), but what is this and why it serves. We hope that in the following paragraphs you can clarify these doubts. When tipeas a direction Web in a navigator, […]

How to choose the Correct Application for your Site

When contracts a service of hosting, you will find that from your cPanel you have possibilities of unloading many applications to create a site or to enrich it, as between so many options it is difficult to choose, we left these recommendations you so that you find scripts indicated for your site. It analyzes and it separates the objectives that you look for with your site Separates […]

What is and Why It serves a Client FTP?

A client FTP is a program that allows you to connect to you using FTP and that commonly comes built-in your service of hosting. As much Windows as MAC has constructed clients FTP, which is useful if you need to do something in fast and simple form, but is not very rich as far as their characteristics. Ideally you would have […]

The Importance of a Good Domain

To know the concepts the Web hosting is fundamental to understand its operation and to know clearly what we needed when we are going to contract a service of this type. Next you will know all the details on the domains. A domain is the name that tipeas in your navigator to see a particular website, for example, when you want […]

What system computer science security you use?

Probably or you know that you must think about the computer science security, because to be victim of a threat in line, or a spyware, a virus or a hacker, it can cost very expensive. Your data base of clients could be robbed and be used by spammers or could have eliminated important information from your computer or server […]
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