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You need more space or to have major bandwidth? Perhaps it is hour to change you to a dedicated server.

When we began to administer a website, we always do it from the hope of which it goes to us well. This means major amount of traffic Web, without the functionality or operativity of our page are affected, harming the experience of the users.

By the same it is that he is advisable to have the space that we needed and perhaps a little more. It is certain that hosting shared is a good option for small sites and that just they begin or that hosting basic is ideal for which they do not have so many requirements.

However, sometimes it is necessary to increase to the capacity of ours hosting. How to know it? Pon attention to the following elements.

Little space of storage

BandwidthOne of the main obstacles of hosting shared or a lodging basic Web is the storage space, is worth to say, the amount of archives that can be lodged in the server. This can be a disadvantage for the sites that summon their users to create profiles or to raise archives of great weight, as they are it audio and the videos.

This also represents a problem for those who want to lodge several sites in the same location, more if these have many users. Hard disk imagines in of your computer, if you are the unique one that occupies this equipment, perhaps you can maintain the number of archives and the amount of space of storage used under control.

Even if the numbers begin to raise, the decision can be taken to eliminate archives nonwished and to make a little space of storage, however, if joint parties the computer, the space available becomes a still greater problem, since each one of the than uses this equipment will have an opinion exceeds what it is due to erase and no.

By this it is that a dedicated server can be a good alternative, since owns major storage capacity and the number of archives is only restricted by the size of the rented hard disk, causing that the dedicated servers adapt to the needs of the sites that we have named previously.

Greater amount of applications

In hosting shared one is due to satisfy the demands and needs of many users, which reduces the space of applications that we can install. By the same it is that if you need to execute an integrated service or a system of management contents to your measurement, you will have to consider the flexibility of a dedicated server.

Also, a dedicated server is more flexible, at the time of experimenting with the new software, since you will not have obstacles at the time of evaluating and installing applications that can benefit to your site.

Greater bandwidth

A lodging shared Web offers bandwidth for several users, but the servers where these plans lodge more are occupied. However, if you own a website by far traffic or if your server transfers a great amount of data, the originating bandwidth of hosting shared, will be than insufficient more.

Therefore, the server dedicated will offer the resources that you need so that you can work of a fluid form, as well as tranquillity to know that your users are having a good experience when entering your site.

A server dedicated clearly will mean a greater cost, but it is possible to be seen as an investment, reason why if as much uptime as the flexibility is determining factors for your project, is not necessary more to say.


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