Take care of the computer science attacks with these five rules

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A reinforcing of passwords and the installation of updates of the operating system, is essential not to fall in computer science attacks. It discovers more advice.

The ciberseguridad is subject of conversation in all sides at the moment, being the main center of attention of the companies., that are prepared to invest high sums of money in protecting their systems. It is only thing to see what managed to make ransomware Wanna Cry in the last weeks to realize the fragile thing that can be some systems.

Although the techniques used by the hackers or hackers are more and more sophisticated and evolve constantly, some advice exist who can reduce the options to undergo one of these attacks. Here we left five rules you that will be able to help you.

He reinforces your passwords

One of the repeated advice more – but for that reason less nonaccurate he is not than you do not use always the same password for all the accesses. In addition, these do not have to be short and simple. In order to fortify this aspect he is vital that you use own and extensive passwords, as orations that are easy to memorise and different, with uppercase letters and small letters, numbers and some symbols. Also it is good that you occupy an administrator of passwords, but what never you must do is to have in the computer a document of passwords.

Not to open to attached links nor archives ZIP

In a great number of cases, the hackers carry out their computer science attacks through malicious links and archives ZIP, that command to the users by email electronic. For this, they use names of domain very similar to those of the great false suppliers and send mails with confused texts with respect to new features, prizes or others.

Before coming to unload any file, it is good for verifying from where it comes and to examine all the information of the link without making click, not to lament situations.

To install updates of the operating system

In order to maintain the security of your equipment, it is good that you install updates of the system that are pertinent. All the operating systems, or are Windows, Mac or Linux, publishes and constant permanently updates of their versions that are improving the product day to day.

It trusts security certificates

Security WebThe security certificates are the guarantee of which a website that we are visiting or the software that we wished to unload is safe. When we visited a webpage with security certificate, it appears an icon of padlock in the bar of the explorer, this means, that it is certified by a regulator and that she is safe, since the data are encriptados.

To trust only the sites that count on this mechanism is one of the measures safer than you can use, if you are used to sailing by Internet.

A remote desktop software software occupies

When it is acceded of remote way to other devices, the subject of the security acquires relevance still more. He is vital that you verify in detail the technical aspects as far as security described by the supplier of your tool of remote desktop software and not to pay attention to false advertising promises.

For example, a encryption based on a standard protocol, as TLS, used for the bank online, or an authentication procedure, that inhibits the access of third parties are fundamental to realise a remote connection with all the guarantees of security that is required.

The security is first and in things of Internet, we know that thus it must be. Otherwise you could lose valuable information, setting out your personal data to hackers.

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