WordPress already allows to program messages in social networks

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The CMS leader of the industry once again facilitates the life to us with this new function. It knows in question.

Without a doubt, WordPress is the used platform more at present, for different types from websites. From modest sites of services to developed e-commerce they are part of the possibilities that offers this CMS, that dominates 28% of the Web of the world.

This, in addition to being easy to use, because every day is being updated and offering diverse possibilities to the users. One of most recent has to do with the new function that sent, which without a doubt will be thanked for by the users.

This consists of the programming of contents for social networks without the necessity to leave the platform, which supposes, without a doubt, an advance at the time of facilitating the work to the users of WordPress.

Also, now the specialistic social means users of websites will have the possibility directly of programming the contents from WordPress, with the aim of having more organized the social networks, without leaving the platform, something quite positive. On the other hand, you could be forgetting to you the external services, that allow to carry out this task.

Any schedule to program

To program in WordPressThis novel function will allow to program social contents in the schedules that we want, although also it is possible to be done of automatic way. This function you will have it native in the Control Panel, in addition, you will be able to obtain a previous view of the updates in the social networks before sending them, thus you will have notion how your publication will be seen.

Anyway, the users who work no longer in this platform will have to publish of form manual their contents in the social networks or to depend on third publications to take to end these programmings.

To program WordPressIt is important to emphasize that for it, you will have to be usuary of the Business plan or Premium of the platform or usuary being of Jetpack Professional or Premium. Without a doubt, a righter movement on the part of the company, since of this form you will be able to manage your social networks as you want and when you want.

WordPress is at the present time the manager of used content more at world-wide level. Therefore it is that each new update of this platform is a help in different matters for the users, or as far as functionalities or security, among others.

It is hour of which you prove this new function, that without a doubt will allow you to integrate of better way your social networks, so that you can remove the maximum benefit to him.

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