The Development of the Hosting: Of the Physicist to the Virtual thing

Hosting/Web Hosting/the Development of the Hosting: Of the Physicist to the Virtual thing

The Web hosting has had a fast evolution from its birth, development that has also drawn the growth of the own Internet, having allowed that every time is simpler to be part of the Web with own sites from where to transmit our message.

If in 1991 you wanted to lodge a website, you needed your own server or computer, today you can find thousand of companies suppliers of Web hosting that offer to lodge your site by an amount smaller than you could get to spend in a lunch with your friendly. This is possible, thanks to the fact that today those companies suppliers offer “to rent? a space to you within their servers, instead of to have to be one proprietor.

In 1991 the Computer science Network or World Wide Web is sent to the world World-wide (www), but had to happen near four years so that some companies began to offer services of hosting, among them, for example already disappeared GeoCities in 1994 it free offered Hosting of 1MEGABYTE of space.

Year after year they are added more companies suppliers from hosting to the market as BlueHost, HostMonster, Lycos and Zoom. The value average of or service of hosting with 200MEGABYTE was of approximately 10 thousand pesos.

In 1999, from England, the FastHosts company, begins to offer from the United Kingdom services of Web hosting and in the cloud. That same year and also in the United Kingdom is founded the company of Hosting PEER 1, that at the moment has become one of the most popular companies suppliers of hosting in this country.

In 1999 they make debut Blogger and LiveJournal, both created services to facilitate the creation of informative websites, these tools allow to update the websites easily and to them the 2004 would be added, WordPress.

In 2002 HostGator is founded just by three installed servers on a dormitory.

Already for the 2008, the storage average had grown more than thousand times in comparison to the stored total space for 1998.

In the 2009 Google begins to offer services based on the cloud, that allow the users to store in their whatever of Gmail of gratuitous way.

Already for the 2011, the value of the Web hosting annual average is smaller to 6 thousand pesos. In the last years the search in Google of the key word Web Hosting has gone in permanent loss, versus the search of the concept Cloud Hosting that goes in constant increase.

In other words, the Cloud Hosting has been paving the way so that the companies construct to their own architecture YOU in virtual servers.

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