Causes of the Loss of Data in your Computer

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If accounts with a service of hosting that guarantees an endorsement, you can be calm with the information of your site and your e-mails, but you must consider that in your computer also you can suffer loss of important data.

All the hard disks can possibly fail, by the same is that the companies consider the option very important to recover the data that can be lost.

You knew that more than 140 thousand hard disks they destroy every week in the United States? 40% of the loss of information come from faults in hardware. The truth is that all the hard disks will possibly fail and is for that reason that receive as much importance which we make to protect our information.

Only in the United States, 400 million dollars by losses of data risk, the companies and businesses that undergo this can get to lose a 2% or 5% of their total revenues. One is due to consider that 29% of losses of data happens by human error and a 6% of the total of the computers can undergo loss of data every year. A 60% of the companies that suffer losses of important data, will close approximately 6 months after the incident.

Those are these numbers that they more and more push the companies to keep his information in datacenters that they guarantee a permanent endorsement of his more important information.  But the loss risk is in any device, from the computer where guards that giant Excel file to your telephone with the information of contact of your friendly and family.

Causes of the Loss of Data in your equipment

Elimination of Archives

An absurd error by where it is looked to him, but happens more and followed than we would want. You erased the presentation before sending it by email or thought that you had a copy but you do not manage to find it or simply you kept the mistaken version from your document. In these cases the best option is to activate the recovery software that you can have.

Formateo of the File system

Ten in account that to reformat the hard disk will affect your option to recover data, even if the new format is equal to which it had before formatting it.

Damages in the File system

This happens because of a virus and the probability of recovery of the archives is average, to diminish the damages you must activate the recovery software as soon as you have realized damage in the file.

It fails of Hardware

An example of when this happens, is when your smartphone falls to the water. The only option in this case is search expert help before the damage is so, that it inflict casualties irreparable of data.


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