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A client FTP is a program that allows you to connect to you using FTP and that commonly comes built-in your service of hosting.

As much Windows as MAC has constructed clients FTP, which is useful if you need to do something in fast and simple form, but is not very rich as far as their characteristics. Ideally you would have to install a program designed specifically for that function, as a dedicated client FTP.

For Windows, you can find clients as FileZilla free or Free FTP of CoffeCup, both do a good work. In addition you can choose commercial products as CuteFTP or CoffeCup's Direct FTP.

For MAC, some gratuitous clients are Cyberduck and FileZilla, both very popular. Between the phelp alternatives you will find Transmit de Coda and YummyFTP of the YummySoftware.com company

Although FileZilla is one of most popular gratuitous clients FTP, it is necessary to have special attention with him. Why? , because this program stores your passwords in flat text files, this means that the hackers can sail towards that file in your computer and easily read your names of users of FTP next to the passwords, if they were stored there same. The form to solve them is not to use the facilities that FileZilla has created to remember your passwords.

To install a client FTP is simple. For example, if you wish to install FileZilla, you can follow the following process. Ten in account that this same process of installation is essentially the same for all the clients.

  • In your navigator, direct to you to filezilla-project.org
  • Beam click in Download FileZilla Client

Assure to you to unload Client and nonServer, because the two are very different options

  • It selects the appropriate unloading for your computer

You can unload a version FileZilla for Windows, Linux and Mac with variants, following hardware that you use. If you use Windows, in addition you can choose between file zip or a autoinstalador. As recommendation, unless you are certainly you need the file zip, it chooses the installer.

  • Beam click in the unloaded file to install the client in your computer.

If you need details how to unload you can obtain that data in the Client_Instalattion option of the site of FileZilla.

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