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Web Hosting: Linux or Windows?
When contracting a service of Web hosting is common to be made several questions to know clearly how we must begin this service. Things because resources I require? Will My website grow soon? What type of support will give my supplier to me of hosting.

Before as much doubt, it is important to count on a supplier of hosting that can clarify them and thus solve all the questions. At the moment, we will help you with some important data at the time of choosing a service.

Is the first question that you must do to you what language will use your site?

If you need that the site is codified in ASP.NET, or want to have access to data bases MS SQL, MVC, or IIS then you will have to contract to a plan of hosting in server Windows. If on the contrary you are looking for applications as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Tomcat, MySQL or PHP then you must contract a plan of hosting based on Linux. When examining the alternatives, there are hundreds of applications and other types of designed CMS to improve your experience when constructing a Web. In order to help to simplify the configuration, also you can look for scripts of automatic installation or tools as Softaculous that comes with applications that offer facilities in a single click.

Control Panel cPanel

For clients based on Linux, the majority of the suppliers of hosting includes to the leader in the industry of the Control Panel, cPanel, within their services to allow the easy handling of the accounts. The users of cPanel have access to an interface easy to use that he facilitates the management of messages of e-mail, data bases, archives of websites and much more. This Control Panel gives to the end user the possibility him of managing his account without needing knowledge of administration of servers.

Control Panel Plesk

The suppliers of hosting that offer Web hosting based on Windows use a different control called Plesk de Parallels. Plesk is a Control Panel designed with the end user in mind and offers many important characteristics for Web hosting based on Windows. The users can manage their websites, messages of e-mail, domains and more. In addition, Plesk offers support for open code and commercial applications including support for Open and APS Aspect Mail.

A good supplier of hosting, based on Linux or Windows, will make your available an equipment of support and/or tutorial videos to help you to use the Control Panels correctly and to remove the greater benefit from them.

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